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Top 10 Tips on How to Get a Guy You Like

Author: Crystal K. Jones

Tired of waiting and hoping he’ll come over to say hello? Then gather your courage and learn the ways on how to pick up a guy you like. It’s the 21st century after all, so it’s time to stop batting your eyelashes and step up on the plate instead.
1. It’s important not to look intimidating when you make your approach. Smile and make eye contact so he’ll know it’s him you’re eyeing.
2. Trying to pick up a guy – or even finding one – doesn’t always have to be in a bar. You can go to the bookstore, museums, and the gym if you’re after the active, buff type. Remember, if you want to pick the right guy, pick the right spot first. There are tons of places to meet great guys!
3. When you talk to a guy, give him your contact information before you leave. That way he wouldn’t get the chance to reject you.
4. Dress to kill – not literally of course. Wear an outfit that will give you a boost in your confidence, make you look and feel sexy without being sleazy. Be careful not to be too revealing or else you might make the wrong impression on the wrong kind of guy.
5. If you’re at a bar and some guy caught your attention, then go ahead and buy him a drink. This shows that you’ve noticed him and that you’re interested to know more. It’s a great icebreaker as well.
6. Have a brief get-to-know-you conversation but don’t linger for too long. Tell him that you’d like to get to know him more and that you can continue this conversation tomorrow over coffee. It’s casual enough not to be called a date, and if he’s interested then he’ll be there.
7. Another tip if you’re at a bar, try not to get intoxicated. Being drunk is not exactly appealing and it might attract the wrong guy. Or worse, you could get thrown out if you start doing crazy stuff inside the club.
8. When you’re out with your girlfriends, try to separate yourself every now and then. Men are often intimidated by a pack of women just waiting to judge them. If you’re going to approach him, it’s best if you go alone. You can do the introductions later when you’re both more comfortable.
9. If you’re at the gym, then try to ask him about a few workout pointers. It’s a great conversation starter and you’ll get to know his interests from there.
10. How to pick up a guy? If you’ve noticed he’s checking you out, then be bold and go up to him. Smile and ask him “so when are you going to take me out?” Today, it’s not uncommon for girls to be upfront especially if they like a guy. It won’t hurt to take the initiative.

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